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Date: Friday, May 12th 2017
10:00am - 4:00pm 
Trainers: Scott Williams, theatre director and producer; Perrine Moran, psychodynamic counsellor and psychoanalytic couple psychotherapist.
Fees:  £118 (£108 if booked and paid for by 31 March 2017) 
Venue: Tavistock Relationships, 70 Warren Street, London W1T 5PB
Course code: SC54

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Bion advocated listening to patients “without memory or desire”. The actor and the therapist both have to be open to what happens between people in the immediacy of their encounter. The workshop will offer participants an opportunity to discover and practise techniques used by actors to access, observe and respond to emotions and feelings. This experience will give therapists a new take on how to enhance their ability to be present, responsive, and aware of their countertransference in the here and now of the consulting room.

It will be jointly run by Perrine Moran, an experienced psychotherapist and Scott Williams, the founder and director of the Impulse Company which has offered training to actors since 1996.


If you experience any problems during the application process, please contact the Training Administration team on 020 7380 8288 or training@tavistockrelationships.ac.uk

Please note all bookings are non-refundable.

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Continuing Professional Development

Our aim at Tavistock Relationships is to create a programme of high-quality, informative and clinically useful CPD. In choosing topics, we aim to ensure we offer fresh subjects to stimulate new thinking and debate as well as continuing to offer repeat workshops for which there is on-going popular demand.

"It's been absolutely amazing to sit in a room with so much creative thought and shared interest."

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