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Key Information

Date: 12–15 September 2017
9:30am - 4:00pm
Trainer: Members of the Tavistock Relationships' Parents as Partners Programme team
(DfE-funded) for Stage 1 only
Venue: Tavistock Relationships, 70 Warren Street, London W1T 5PB


Parents as Partners is an evidence-based group work intervention for couples and co-parents of young children, based on the work of Professors Phil and Carolyn Cowan. This ground-breaking approach is now being developed to help adoptive parents in the UK.

How the programme is run

The programme is delivered over 16 weekly two-hour sessions and is manualised, but requires considerable skill and flexibility of its facilitators. As an intervention, it lies somewhere between psycho-educational parenting programmes and group therapy. Distinguishing it from most other programmes for parents, it is a requirement of the work that both parents attend together, and Group Leaders work in male/female pairs.

Training and accreditation for adoption practitioners

As part of our Adopting Together Project, Tavistock Relationships is pleased to be offering up to 10 places to cross gendered pairs (male and female co-workers one of whom must come from a Voluntary Adoption Agency) to undertake the training with a view to running groups for adoptive parents and couples.

This 4-day training leads to Stage 1 accreditation only as a Parents as Partners Group Work Leader and is offered free of charge.

There is also the option to consider Stage 2 accreditation, which entails co-leading a group with video review and supervision from Tavistock Relationships’ experienced Parents as Partners team. Stage 2 accreditation needs to be arranged with your employer and the cost of the package, including fortnightly supervision offered by Tavistock Relationships, is £2,000 per group.

How to apply

Apply by filling out the application form and confidentiality form below:

Download the application form here

Applications should be sent to:

Parents as Partners Administrator
Tavistock Relationships
70 Warren Street
London W1T 5PB

For further information and to return the application form via email, please contact the Parents as Partners Administrator

E: parentsaspartners@tavistockrelationships.org T: 020 7380 6099


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Continuing Professional Development

Our aim at Tavistock Relationships is to create a programme of high-quality, informative and clinically useful CPD. In choosing topics, we aim to ensure we offer fresh subjects to stimulate new thinking and debate as well as continuing to offer repeat workshops for which there is on-going popular demand.

"It's been absolutely amazing to sit in a room with so much creative thought and shared interest."

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