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The Effectiveness of Couple Therapy
Our study shows improvments in relationships and mental health


Our work highlights the value of the couple relationship

Tavistock Relationships is recognised nationally and internationally as a leading authority on couple relationships, and has a long history of developing innovative projects.  All our projects aim to research and develop new understanding about the ways in which we can most effectively support couples, relationships (whether married or not) and families.  Typically they may start with the development of a new clinical intervention.  In time we evaluate the effectiveness of this new approach and should it prove to be useful, we then offer this as a training opportunity for other professionals working with couples and families.  Much of our writing comes out of new innovations and developments.

We also capitalise on our expertise and reputation to influence social policy in a variety of spheres. Good quality couple relationships are fundamental to the health and wellbeing of adults; they are also of profound importance to children, and to society as a whole.

Tavistock Relationships seeks to bring about change in these areas in a number of ways, for example through influencing politicians and policy-makers, making the case to commissioners for the wider provision of couple relationship support, responding to Government consultations, and producing reports. Tavistock Relationships also produces a range of Policy Briefings. Furthermore, Tavistock Relationships is a member of the Relationships Alliance, a consortium comprising Relate, Marriage Care, One Plus One and the Tavistock Relationships, which exists to ensure that good quality personal and social relationships are more widely acknowledged as central to our health and wellbeing.