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  • The Impact of the Internet on Couple Relationships

    Presenters:  Marian O’Connor, Consultant Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist & Programme Head for the MSc in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy at Tavistock Relationships. Professor Brett Kahr, Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Psychotherapy and Mental Health at the Centre for Child Mental Health in London, and Honorary Visiting Professor in the School of Arts at Roehampton University, in London.   In this presentation, Marian and Brett consider the compulsive use of the internet “being constantly drawn into the world of virtual relationships” and the questions this poses in regard to one’s capacity for intimacy within couple relationships. Drawing on psychoanalytic theory, Brett opens and explores ideas about the internet as a psychological refuge for the mind. In this wide-ranging discussion, the internet is viewed as a vehicle through which repressive mechanisms are exposed and the impact of this both on the individual and the couple.   This 35 minute video seminar will…

  • Same-sex Parenting

    Presenters: Dr Fiona Tasker, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Birkbeck University London.Jess MacIntyre, Professional Practice Trainer, PACE.Dr Damian McCann, Head of Clinical Services, Tavistock Relationships. Tavistock Relationships is delighted to announce the launch of its fourth video seminar on Same-sex Parenting. During the seminar the particular routes to parenthood are carefully mapped and explored and the structures and constellations of the family relationships are also considered. The three presenters discuss the impact of ‘heterosexualisation’ of same-sex parenting and the implications of this for the couple, as they work to validate their relationship and the parenting they provide for their children. Although the research on same-sex parenting highlights positive outcomes, the negative and hostile backdrop against which they parent continues to create particular challenges for them and their children which are also considered in this seminar. Towards the end of the seminar, there is a discussion on the clinical implications of working with same-sex parents with…

  • Parental Conflict and the Effects of this on Children’s Development

    Presenter Professor Gordon Harold, Chair of Psychology at the University of Sussex and Leezah Hertzmann, Head of Parenting Together Programmes, Tavistock Relationships examine the impact that parental conflict has on children and young people. Professor Harold, drawing on research evidence, plots the nature of the relationship between parental conflict and the specific effects this has on children and young people's development across a variety of domains. In conversation with Leezah Hertmann, they draw out the experiences of children and young people exposed to their parent's conflict and the ways in which they attempt to manage this. The presenters consider the nature/nurture debate and the types of interventions that help mediate the adverse effects of parental conflict on the children. If you would like to find out more about our seminars and future CPD courses please sign up to receive our training updates by clicking 'join mailing list' at the top…

  • Acknowledging Complex Feelings in the Move from Fostering to Adoption

    Presenters: Lynne Cudmore, Child Psychotherapist                      Sophie Boswell, Child Psychotherapist Drawing on their research exploring the transition from foster care to adoption, the presenters outline the impact of this very sensitive and profound transition on babies and young children. They consider the loss of the child for the foster carer as well as the interface between the foster carer and the adoptive parent and the ways in which this is currently being managed. They speak of the surprises found in researching this important area of practice and discuss the implications for managing these stressful and anxiety provoking moves for all concerned.  This video seminar has particular relevance for those working with fostering and adoption and those concerned with child and adolescent wellbeing.

  • Towards a Relational Approach with Domestic Violence

    Tavistock Relationships' Chief Executive Susanna Abse, Julie Humphries and Damien McCann discuss a relational approach to domestic violence. 

  • Supporting Partners Becoming Parents

    Presenters Dr Christopher Clulow & Professors Carolyn Pape Cowan and Philip Cowan, address a key developmental stage in couple relationships, namely the transition to parenthood. During this seminar the presenters discuss the importance of the relationship between partners for the child’s development, as well as addressing the impact children have on the couple relationship itself. The seminar ends with a consideration of the implications of the findings for practitioners. If you would like to find out more about our seminars and future CPD courses please sign up to receive our training updates by clicking 'join mailing list' at the top of this page. We very much hope that you will find this video seminar helpful in your practice and we would welcome your feedback and suggestions for future topics to dmccann@tavistockrelationships.org (subject line: video seminar).