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elderly couple enjoying their retirement

A short 4 week intervention helping couples prepare for transitions in later life.

The Retiring Together (50+ Couple MOT) pilot has been developed with funding from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation UK to help couples plan for their future, together.

This can be a period of change for couples, with children leaving home, routines changing and divergent interest becoming apparent. It is a time when ageing becomes real and questions about the future arise.

The intervention aims to support the natural developmental capacities and resilience of the couple relationship – utilising them to think proactively about the transitions, which offer both new opportunities and challenges in this phase of life.

Using retirement as a prompt, DVD footage acts as a catalyst for couples to discuss their thoughts about the future.

How can Retiring Together help you?


  • Offering a safe space to begin to think about the transition to later life
  • Allowing you to address the issues emerging from facing this transition
  • Supporting you to draw on your strengths and resources in working towards your future together

Who is it for?

If you and your partner are aged 50 and over and thinking about what the future holds then this service is for you.

What’s involved if we join?

Once you have enrolled, you and your partner will meet with a Tavistock Relationships therapist for an initial meeting lasting about an hour. If by the end of the initial meeting, we agree that this approach could be helpful, we will offer three further meetings (in the event that another service within Tavistock Relationships, or outside the agency, would be better suited to your needs, then we will endeavour to help you access this). You will also be asked to complete questionnaires at the start and end of the intervention and then three/six months later.

For more information email: retiringtogether@tavistockrelationships.org