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Utilising the couple relationship to maintain independence for longer.

Tavistock Relationships' clinical experts were funded by the Camden Innovation Fund to collaborate with local agencies and train their staff in delivering services to couples living with dementia. This innovation focuses on helping couples to learn to adjust to the disease, and to continue with everyday activities together to support interdependence between the partners.

The Living Together with Dementia (LTWD) intervention has been created to improve the life experience and mental health of older couples living with dementia.

LTWD comprises both an intervention for couples with dementia and training for agency staff to deliver the intervention. The professional training package in the LTWD approach has been designed for psychological therapists, counsellors and others, working in the mental health and social care of older people in statutory and voluntary services.

The LTWD approach is unique in that it targets the person with dementia and their partner, focussing on the relationship between them.  It aims to help people living with dementia to manage the trauma of the diagnosis, the loss and the changes it brings and to maintain, or recover, the protective aspects of the relationship.

Contact: Andrew Balfour abalfour@tavistockrelationships.ac.uk

To find out more about the Living Together with Dementia service, please visit www.tavistockrelationships.org