The quality of our closest relationships profoundly affects how we feel about ourselves and has material and measurable consequences for our lives and those around us – affecting the emotional, cognitive and physical development of our children, our capacity to work and to be fulfilled in work, and our physical and mental health. When they fail the consequences are enormous both to society (an estimated and rising £47 billion) and to adult’s and children’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Relationships can be hard and most of us would agree that they are the source of most of our human joy…and our suffering. Tavistock Relationships’ innovative programmes support couple relationships when they are most challenged – at times of transition – having children, adoption, and in later life, and at times when health issues, short or long term, can lead to additional strains on the couple relationship.

Here are some of our innovative programmes developed to support couples and those around them throughout the life cycle:

Parenting Together 

Parents in Dispute

Children and Family Services Training 

Think Couple 

Workshops for teacher on identifying and managing the signs of inter-parental conflict 

Relationship Awareness Training for Health Visitors 

Couple Therapy For Depression 

Mentalization-Based Therapy - Parenting Together

Alcohol Dependence

Domestic violence & abuse  

Adopting Together 

Parents as Partners 

Living Together With Dementia  

Couple 50+ MOT