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Senior Management Team

Andrew Balfour


AndrewAndrew Balfour is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist trained to work with couples and individuals and is also qualified as a clinical psychologist. He has many years’ experience of working psychotherapeutically with couples, developing new projects and conducting research.  He has published many papers in the field and has taught and lectured widely both in Britain and abroad. Andrew was appointed CEO in May 2016.


Limor Abramov

Director of Clinical Services

90X111Limor2016BnWLimor is a clinical psychologist and couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist registered with the BPC to work with adults and couples. She is Director of Clinical Services and came to the role with a wealth of experience across a range of settings. She joined Tavistock Relationships in September 2013 as the Head  of Clinical Services, having worked in the NHS in a number of clinical and managerial roles. 


Honor Rhodes
Director of Strategic Development

Honor Rhodesbnw

Honor trained as a social worker and has worked in both statutory and voluntary sector settings. At Tavistock Relationships she is responsible for the DWP funded Parents as Partners co-parenting groupwork programme, partnership developments and policy development work. Honor's particular interest is in effective interventions with families in trouble. She has written a series of short guides for practitioners including, 'A short guide to working with co-parents: why we don't, why we should and how we could' (Tavistock Relationships 2011). Honor sits on a number of Boards including her local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group Board and the Early Intervention Foundation. She was awarded an OBE in July 2010 for her work with children and families.


Julie Humphries
Director of Studies

Julie Humphires Director of STudies at Tavistock RelationshipsJulie has been a member of the Tavistock Relationships faculty since 2011. She initially led and managed short courses, then became Head of MA in Couple and Individual Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy and then moved into her current role as Director of Studies in 2016. She is a couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist and also undertakes training and supervision.


Faculty and Project Staff

Judith Jamieson
Joint Head of Clinical Services – Intake and Allocations

Judith is psychodynamic and psychosexual couple psychotherapist. She is a member of BACP and COSRT. After qualifying and working with individuals, couples and families as a therapist outside the UK for a number of years, Judith joined Tavistock Relationships in 2010 to undertake further training in couple therapy and psychosexual therapy, and has worked as a psychosexual therapist in the NHS. Judith co-leads the Mentalization-Based Therapy for Couples workshop and works as a clinical lecturer, tutor and supervisor at Tavistock Relationships. She is also a training supervisor on the Couple Therapy for Depression project, for NHS practitioners within IAPT services. Additionally, she has worked on the Adopting Together project, providing relationship support for parents who have adopted and is currently is involved in the Parenting workshop at TR. Judith is coming into the role of Head of Clinical Services from working as Clinical Lead, where she developed further expertise in intake and allocations, and consulted on a wide variety of presentations in order to make the most appropriate referrals.

Liz Hamlin
Joint Head of Clinical Services – Quality Assurance

Liz Hamlin is Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council and is a member of our Alumni body as well as a member of the BPC’s Professional Standards Committee. She has worked with couples since 1990 and qualified as a couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist in 2008. Liz has been a Visiting Clinician at Tavistock Relationships for many years working with couples, supervising practitioners and delivering training. In 2010 Liz took up the role of Clinical Lead in an IAPT Service managing a team of therapists delivering therapy in 15 GP surgeries in Ashford, Kent. Liz has a special interest in working with couples and individuals facing divorce and separation and is a member of the Divorce and Separation Consultation Service. She is a student on TR’s Professional Doctorate Programme looking to research the experience of older couples going through the process of divorce. She extended her initial training as a Couple Counsellor with East Kent Relate through being involved in setting up a service called Relateen for adolescents whose parents were going through divorce or separation. Liz has been an IAPT Couple Therapy for Depression Trainer and Supervisor having been involved in TR’s development of the training since its inception in 2010. In her new role as Joint Head of Clinical Service, Liz will be involved in allocations, consultation on complex cases and in addition would take a specific role in quality assurance, including dealing with client feedback, informal complaints, outcome monitoring, and involvement is policies and procedures.

Kate Thompson
Joint Head of Clinical Services and Head of Couple Therapy for Depression, Projects and Business Development

Formerly an executive producer in the factual department at the BBC, Kate Thompson is a couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist, faculty staff member and clinical lecturer at the Tavistock Relationships (TR). Formerly Head of Strategic Development at TR, Kate is now moving into a Head of Clinical Services role, with specific remit in development of the service and clinical responsibility across TR’s many projects. Alongside Head of Clinical Services, Kate is continuing her role as the Project Head for Couple Therapy for Depression Training of NHS practitioners nationally and clinical lead on Behavioural Couples Therapy for Alcohol Dependence. During her time on staff at TR, Kate has formerly also worked in TR’s mentalization-based therapy service, Parents in Dispute, TR’s specialist adoption service, and supervised TR’s violence project in Harrow and Parents as Partners, a group intervention for couples. Kate is registered with BPC and BACP and is a member of TR’s Alumni body. She runs CPDs in psychoanalytic psychotherapy for couples, aiming to include a wide audience, trained in different modalities and writes and reviews for a variety of publications. She co-edited ‘Engaging Couples: New Directions in Therapeutic Work with Families’, alongside Chris Clulow and Andrew Balfour, published by Routledge, 2018.

Pierre Cachia DCplPsych
Head of Online Therapy

Dr Pierre Cachia first joined Tavistock Relationships in 2007 as a trainee on the MA in couple psychotherapy and subsequently undertook doctoral research in the field. Since 2013 he has formed part of the clinical leadership while retaining an active role in training. Over the past three years he led the setting up of the Online Couple Psychotherapy Service which he currently heads and supervisees. He is a qualified counselling psychologist, psychoanalytic couple psychotherapist, individual psychotherapist and clinical supervisor.

Damian McCann
Head of Learning & Development; Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Clinical Lecturer

Damian started his training at Tavistock Relationships in 2008. Whilst training he began working at Tavistock Relationships where he established and co-ordinated the Wellbeing Service for Couples which offered a brief therapeutic intervention to couples. Since then, he has had a number of roles within Tavistock Relationships; as project lead for the delivery of training to senior CAMHS practitioners; Head of Clinical Services with responsibility for Intake and Allocation and Chair of Ethics. He has a particular interest in developing psychoanalytic ideas in regard to gender and sexuality and is also involved in thinking about couples and domestic violence. He holds a Professional Doctorate in Systemic Psychotherapy.

Catriona Wrottesley
Supervisor, Clinical Lecturer and Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Catriona Wrottesley is a senior couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist and individual psychodynamic psychotherapist. She joined the Tavistock Relationships faculty in 2012 and initially led and managed short courses and conferences. Subsequently, she was Head of the MA in couple and individual psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy and MSc in psychosexual and relationship therapy at TR, and then Head of the MA in couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy until July 2020. She continues to work as a therapist in the clinical service and as a supervisor and clinical lecturer at TR, as well as interviewing prospective students as part of the admissions team. She has published widely, and writes and reviews for a number of psychoanalytic journals. Her practice is in St Albans.

David Hewison
Head of Research and Ethics; Programme Leader; Head of Alumni

David joined Tavistock Relationships in 1996 with a background in adult mental health social work and training. A Jungian analyst and consultant couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist, he has been involved in all aspects of Tavistock Relationships work over the years including being part of the senior management team. He is currently leading the Centre's research and publication functions.

Marian O'Connor
Head of Training Psychosexual Therapy

Marian has been attached to Tavistock Relationships since 1989. Formerly responsible for overseeing the psychosexual training at Tavistock Relationships, she is now head of professional development and training. She also works as a supervisor and consultant couple and psychosexual therapist.

Lorna Robinson
Head of CPDs and Conferences

Lorna Robinson is a couple and individual psychodynamic counsellor and psychotherapist and faculty staff member at Tavistock Relationships. She has responsibility for programming the centre’s conferences and events, including continuing professional development. 

Amanda Hughes
Head of the Clinical Qualification in Couple and Individual Psychodynamic Counselling & Psychotherapy

Amanda is a senior couple and individual psychodynamic psychotherapist and faculty staff member at Tavistock Relationships. She is responsible for student applications, foundation, pre-clinical and the clinical trainings. Amanda also teaches on the Certificate in the Study of the Couple Relationship (for qualified individual therapists), the pre-clinical course, and on the clinical training.

Velia Carruthers
Couple Therapist and Couple Therapy for Depression Training Team Leader 

Sarah Ingram
Programme Manager, Reducing Parental Conflict Programme

Sarah has a background in Community Development and has worked in both statutory and voluntary sector settings. Before joining Tavistock Relationships Sarah was Head of Parenting with responsibility for the development and delivery of parenting support for hard to reach families. At Tavistock Relationships Sarah leads the DWP funded Reducing Parental Conflict Programme, a large programme with a remit to evaluate evidence based interventions and their impact on reducing parental conflict.

Maria Franchini
Deputy Programme Manager, Reducing Parental Conflict Programme (Hertfordshire) and MBT Trainings/Other Programmes

William Walker
Deputy Programme Manager, Reducing Parental Conflict Programme (Westminster and Hertfordshire)

Alice Hargreaves, Angela Greenaway, Emma Rahman, Naomi Mwamba
Parenting/Relationship Practitioners, Reducing Parental Conflict Programme


Clinical Staff

Elizabeth Clarkson

Annette Tappin


Policy, Marketing, Communications and Research

Richard Meier
Policy and Project Development Lead

John Fenna
Head of Marketing and Communications

James Norry
Design & Marketing Coordinator


Visiting Lecturers and Clinicians

Consultant Visiting Lecturers

Aleksandra Novakovic

Dr Christopher Clulow

Christopher Vincent

Felicia Olney

Susan Irving

Viveka Nyberg

Mary Morgan

Visiting Lecturers and Clinicians

Alison Bruce

Amanda Cuthbert

Ambika Shekhawat

Andrew Davidson

Andrew Grimmer

Ann Hardy

Angela Marks

Anthea Benjamin

Antonia Reay

April Joyce

Dr Avi Shmueli

Beverley Mears

Bob Lynton

Bob Monzo

Bridget Wilkins

Cara Mackley

Caroline Medawar

Deirdre Strowger

Delia Schumacher

Dorota Mucha

Dorothea Longrigg

Duncan Branley

Eleanor Heavens

Ella Bahaire

Elle Sidel

Erica Herrero-Martinez

Etti Kia

Eve Ashley

Faye Walters

Golshad Ghiaci

Heather Price

Heidi Renton

Helen Leason

Inge Fisher

Jane Seymour 

Janet Newman

Jean Pennant

Jennifer Kelly

Jill Aubrey

Joanna Harrison

Joanna Kelly

Juliette Andre


Julie Murray

Kate McWilliams

Katherine Astill

Krisztina Glausius

Lena Fenton

Lin Coleman

Lisa Green

Liz Marriner

Liz Salter 

Liza Glenn

Madeleine Woof

Maja Milic

Mala Rudki

Marta Szapiel

Mary Morgan

Michael Morris

Mike Heimann

Naomi Segal

Neil Coburn

Paula Clarke-Little

Patsy Faure

Patsy Ryz

Pauline Orchard

Perrine Moran

Dr Peta Mees

Peter Griffiths

Poppy Mellor

Preethika Chandra

Richard Flax

Ros Ayres

Ruth Shane

Sandrine Atalie

Sally Roberts

Sara Higgins

Sara Leon

Sarah-Jane Liddle

Sarah Vicary

Sheelagh Hughes

Sonja Vetter

Sue Phillips

Sylvie Deroche

Thomas Greally

Zoë Sanders 

Senior Fellows

Susanna Abse

Dr Christopher Clulow

Dr Jill Savege Scharff

Dr David Scharff

Professor Gordon Harold

Professor Philip Cowan

Professor Carolyn Pape Cowan

Professor Margaret Rustin

Professor Michael Rustin

Professor Mary Target

Professor Brett Kahr

Mary Morgan

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Nick Pearce, Chair

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