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Making a Difference through Relationship Support

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As a charity we rely on people like you to help us.

You know that relationships matter so:

  • Donate £50 and help us to make a child happier and more confident when their parents are separating or divorcing
  • Donate £30 and help us run a crèche for our parents’ groups
  • Donate £25 and give us the chance to help a couple with dementia stay together at home

Here at Tavistock Relationships we are working hard to help families to understand their own relationships and how to have better ones.

Prefer to donate over the phone?

A short call could make all the difference to a child's life. If you have any difficulties or prefer to donate over the phone please call us.

Call:If you’d like to set up a regular donation payment, then please contact us on 0207 380 1975

Regular Gift Giving, corporate or a one off donations

Help us plan more effectively for our future work.

We are grateful for any help that donors can give as regular donations give Tavistock Relationships a firm financial footing to carry out our work.

We also welcome support from business. Please contact Honor Rhodes ( to discuss how your business could help us.

Give a legacy in your will or an In Memoriam gift 

Tavistock Relationships has worked for the welfare of couples since 1948. Over that period, we have helped thousands of couples and individuals; in addition, huge number of children have been allowed to grow up in a less acrimonious environment as a result of the services we provide. .

Very many of us have been touched by the emotional and other consequences of divorce and separation, conflict and distress. A legacy or gift can help us help others.

How do I leave a legacy to Tavistock Relationships?

The chances are that you have already made your will and, naturally, if you have a family, your main concern will have been to give them the security they need. However, increasing numbers of people are choosing to leave a gift to charity in their will, recognising the sense of personal satisfaction and financial efficiency it represents.

It is a relatively simple matter to add a gift for Tavistock Relationships’ work to your existing will. Yet this one act of kindness will make a lasting difference to future generations of couples, individuals and children.

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