Our Vision

A world in which strong relationships provide stability and security for adults and children, forming the foundation for the health and wellbeing of individuals and our society as a whole.

Our Mission

To ensure that effective relationship support is accessible to all.

Our Aims

  • to create wider understanding of the importance of the quality of our relationships for our lives, our children’s lives and our society
  • to ensure the highest professional standards and evidence-based practice in all couple services, present and future
  • to increase the availability of couple-focused support so every couple can access help when they need it 
  • to widen the scope of interventions for relationship help so that a greater range of support is accessible for couples and families, tailored to their specific need and problems
  • to help couples overcome stigma and anxiety about seeking professional help for their relationship

Our Objectives

We will achieve our aims by:

  • developing and disseminating the research on couple relationships and how best to support them
  • promoting the value of seeking relationship help, particularly when going through life’s transitions 
  • training couple therapists to deliver the highest quality, expert help 
  • providing affordable, accessible, evidence-based service 
  • supporting front line practice to develop a strong focus on adult relationships 
  • developing innovative intervention projects, applying psychosocial and clinical expertise to supporting families

Our Values

  • A belief in the importance of family stability and emotional security
  • A commitment to social justice, inclusivity, and diversity in every area of our work
  • A belief in the importance of intellectual curiosity and rigour 
  • An aspiration to be a learning community – growing understanding and being open to new ideas, developing new ways of working
  • A commitment to promoting excellence in the delivery of our services