Adopting a child can place very significant stress on the relationship between the parental couple. 

Adoptive couples are very likely to experience additional strains on their relationship. For example, prior to the adoption they may have had difficulties in conceiving or issues around infertility and how these are negotiated and managed can be stressful for the couple. Added to this are the challenges of the adoption application process and the attendant frustrations involved in what can be a lengthy and emotionally draining experience.  In addition, the adopted children themselves often have traumatic or troubled histories – which can present considerable emotional challenges to the adoptive parental relationship, which then affect the couple’s capacity to provide effective, containing parenting to the child. 

Tavistock Relationships has developed a bespoke service to help adoptive couples who are encountering difficulties in their relationship. Read about it here:

Adopting Together 

Relationship support for adoptive parents

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