Key Information

Dates: One Saturday per month - Starts October 2020
CPD Hours: 42
Fee: £1,200 or £1,100 if paid before 20 March 2020
Venue: Tavistock Relationships, Hallam House, 56-60 Hallam Street, London, W1W 6JL
Course code: London01
Application deadline: Now accepting applications

There is a taster event for this course on Friday 13th March, 4pm to 8pm. Book online.


Our trainings take place on upper floors, accessible only by stairs until spring 2020. And then subsequently by lifts with the following specification: Type 1 provides only limited accessibility for persons using a manual wheelchair as described in EN 12183:2014 or an electrically powered wheelchair of class A described in EN 12184:2014. This car accommodates one wheelchair user without an accompanying person.


How to apply

Please note that Hallam House is a period property, and that due to the size of the lift shaft, the lift that is being installed is not DDA compliant and does not meet the minimum requirements for wheelchair access. Once the lift has been installed early next year we will know whether it will be possible to accommodate very slim wheelchairs. Unfortunately this means that our training events and courses at Hallam House are not currently accessible for wheelchair users.

Course Application

Download course application form here:

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We request that all applications are completed in an electronic word processing document. Please DO NOT handwrite your submission.

We prefer applications to be sent via email to

Or applications can be sent to:

Course Admissions
Tavistock Relationships
Hallam House, 56-60 Hallam Street,
London W1W 6JL

For course enquiries please email:

Application deadline: Now accepting applications