Welcome to our Courses. At Tavistock Relationships we offer world renowned London based courses and clinical trainings to the next generation of couple therapists. Whether you’re looking for a new career, want to add a relationship perspective to your current profession, or are a therapist wanting to explore the couple relationship; we have a training for you.

Here you’ll find everything on offer, from short or specialist trainings to our Foundation Certificate course and through to our masters programmes (see the course links below). If you are new to studying counselling or psychotherapy you can view our introductory course video guide or you can look at our professional qualification routes by viewing our Video Training guide below.

Our introductory course has a new title: ‘Foundation Certificate in Couple Counselling and Psychotherapy'. We have changed the name of our introductory course to better reflect the level of training and learning. It is, and always has been, a foundation level entry course (stage 2 as defined by the BACP) and applicants need to be of graduate level and to be able to demonstrate an aptitude and capacity for working in the counselling profession. The new title and the more detailed entry requirements are now much clearer and, we believe, more helpful to those interested in applying.

The Foundation Certificate in Couple Counselling and Psychotherapy is suitable for applicants who have some basic understanding of psychotherapy and who are ready for the demands of a pre-year clinical training.

You could also check out our careers guide to understand key definitions here

We look forward to welcoming you to Tavistock Relationships.

Certificate in the Study of the Couple Relationship - London
Foundation Certificate in Couple Counselling and Psychotherapy
Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy
Certificate in Psychosexual Studies: Understanding the Sexual Relationship
MA in Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
PGDip/MA in Couple and Individual Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy
Open Evenings
IAPT Couple Training
Summer Schools
Professional Doctorate in Couple Psychotherapy: 4 Years – Part-time




Higher demand for couple therapy combined with a lack of trained therapists means many people in the UK are not getting the support they need. That's why we are looking for people who want to train and work as couple therapists.

A study by Relate found nearly one-in-five (18%) of the population (2.87 million) are in relationships which could be characterised as ‘distressed’.  Yet the coverage of specialist relationship help (trained couple counsellors or psychotherapists) shows that there is only one therapist available for every 21,500 people living in the UK. So what is the answer? For one, we need more certified professionals.