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Dr Fiona Tasker,
 Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Birkbeck University London.
Jess MacIntyre, Professional Practice Trainer, PACE.
Dr Damian McCann, Head of Clinical Services, Tavistock Relationships.

Tavistock Relationships is delighted to announce the launch of its fourth video seminar on Same-sex Parenting. During the seminar the particular routes to parenthood are carefully mapped and explored and the structures and constellations of the family relationships are also considered.

The three presenters discuss the impact of ‘heterosexualisation’ of same-sex parenting and the implications of this for the couple, as they work to validate their relationship and the parenting they provide for their children. Although the research on same-sex parenting highlights positive outcomes, the negative and hostile backdrop against which they parent continues to create particular challenges for them and their children which are also considered in this seminar.

Towards the end of the seminar, there is a discussion on the clinical implications of working with same-sex parents with particular reference to the therapist’s own beliefs, and the models they use to inform their work.

This seminar is of 36 minutes duration and will be of interest to a range of practitioners working with parents and couples and their families.

For professionals interested in this area of work, please also see our Parents as Partners programme for same sex parents. This unique programme offers group work sessions to co-parents who are struggling to parent their children effectively. Click here to find out more.