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Sexual Psychosexual Studies: Sexual Dysfunctions - Female Disorders

Online Self-Directed Learning with Study Support Materials

by Linsey Blair, Couple/Individual Psychotherapist and Psychosexual Therapist

£50 for 3 months access.

In this self-directed learning course on female disorders Couple/Individual Psychotherapist and Psychosexual Therapist Linsey Blair discusses a therapeutic approach to:

  • The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and Categorisations
  • Sexual Desire Disorder and Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder
  • Basson’s Model of Female Sexual Desire
  • The Female Anatomy and its Response During Sex
  • Orgasms and Orgasmic Disorders
  • The Ladder of Stages of Arousal
  • Sexual Pain Disorders and their Causes:- Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder- Vaginismus- Dyspareunia
  • Appropriate pH for a Lubricant

In addition to the lectures a case study is presented, using the genogram as a tool to look at the issues involved.

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Psychological Processes in Divorce – Online Self-Directed Learning with Study Support Materials

"Just viewed this online course [after purchasing], which I thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you."

Suzanne (UKCP)

Head of our Divorce and Separation Service, Dr Avi Shmueli, presents a series of three lectures in which he examines: The physical and legal processes of divorce including processes relating to children and couple functioning; and the impact of different types of divorce on couples. The course is designed to give the practitioner a useful and rounded perspective that will help them in working with couples going through the process of divorce and separation.


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Also coming soon; Tavistock Relationships Authors Series

Curated by Catriona Wrottesley, couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist, Head of Studies at Tavistock Relationships and editor of the Tavistock Relationships Authors Series, this lecture series of six 20-minute lectures, offers the opportunity to watch and listen to contributions by six Tavistock Relationships authors to celebrate our 70th Anniversary.

Each of these have played a major part in the development of couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Stanley Ruszczynski, Mary Morgan; Warren Colman; Dr David Hewison; Andrew Balfour; Dr Christopher Clulow will introduce you to some of the key thinking that underpins the Tavistock Relationships psychoanalytic approach to thinking about couple interaction.

The videos will be release over the months to come. Here is a preview by Catriona here: 



FREE Video: Enjoy one of our training videos here. We use this as a training piece to get individual therapists thinking about the couple. Can you identify the challenges these two face?