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Here in glorious technicolour is our new window display, promoting our Clinical and Training Services to the population of London.

The Tavistock Relationships logo and creative look were redesigned to allow us to create some more contemporary images to promote our services. This display is one of the first uses of the fresh approach.  In the photo some of the staff of Warren Street centre stand by the poster. 

Making use of the window space in our Warren Street office (which faces out onto the Euston road) the poster spans nearly 5.5 metres across, covering all of our ground floor windows.

The window surround has been repainted in a colour sympathetic to our new brand palette of purple, mauve and blue

Euston Road is one of the busiest roads in London. In 2015, the stretch in view of the display had over 30 million vehicle journeys. With such heavy use and often slow traffic there is tremendous potentialfor our advertisement to capture the attention of many interested passengers. The figures do not include pedestrians who will see the sign from either side of the route.

The display offers exceptional value for money as it is expected to have a shelf life of around three years. Other plans are afoot to signpost our office in New Street in the City of London soon.

We are currently applying to have another sign placed in the first floor windows to increase the reach of our message still further to those who need relationship support.