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In London, it is predicted that by 2030, 50% of people will be foreign born and in the UK as a whole 2.3 million people will be in mixed relationships, suggesting that multiculturalism in couple and family relationships is a trend that is set to rise in the nation's capital and beyond. Yet since the inflammatory Vote Leave Campaign incidents of racial abuse have increased by 500% begging the question, “What is the future for Intercultural Couples, families and children in the UK?”

Although there is now a body of literature about intercultural couples in the US, there is correspondingly little from the UK context. Our annual conference in November this year is focusing on Cross Cultural Issues in Couples and Couple Psychotherapy; In this conference, Perrine Moran, Naomi Nwamba and David Hewison from Tavistock Relationships will be joined by guest speakers Reenee Singh and Lennox Thomas to examine how cultural difference can be spoken about, thought about and worked with in the therapy room, between couples and within a psychotherapy institution.

In her conference presentation Dr. Reenee Singh will provide an overview of the literature about intercultural couples and parents and explore how it is applicable to the UK context. She will draw on clinical vignettes, media podcasts and films to explicate some of the key themes and dilemmas that intercultural couples experience. Dr Singh will also describe some of the systemic interventions that are useful in her practice with intercultural couples including examples of intercultural couples who have experienced disturbing psycho-social pressures in the wake of the outcome of the recent EU referendum.
She will conclude by outlining a multi-site research study currently being carried out at the London Intercultural Couples Centre.

More about Dr. Reenee Singh
Reenee Singh 427x640Dr. Reenee Singh is Director of the London Intercultural Couples Centre. She is a psychologist, consultant systemic couple and family psychotherapist who’ has worked extensively with couples and families in Singapore, India and the U.K and is a keynote speaker at international family therapy conferences. She was the Founding Director of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies at the Institute of Family Therapy, co-director of the Tavistock Family Therapy Research Centre and Organising tutor of the Masters in Family Therapy at the Tavistock and Visiting Professor of Family Therapy at the University of Bergamo, Italy. Dr. Singh is the Editor of the Journal of Family Therapy and has served on the Editorial boards of Contemporary Family Therapy and Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry and the International Family Therapy Association.

The London Intercultural Couples Centre provides a range of research-led, therapeutic services for couples who hail from different cultural backgrounds.

As each life cycle and developmental stage presents unique challenges for intercultural couple the centre works with couples throughout the family life cycle, from before they decide to get married or cohabit, through the parenting stage right through to post retirement. The Centre is based within the Child and Family Practice in London which means that couples and families will also be able to access the services of a wider multidisciplinary team, including child and adolescent psychiatrists, educational psychologists, clinical psychologists and child psychotherapists, if required.

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