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The Department for Education has commissioned Tavistock Relationships to deliver further training for the adoption workforce and also for adoptive couples themselves in 2016/17.

Having put in a bid for a tranche of work under the DfE’s Practice & Improvement Fund – Adoption Services, Tavistock Relationships was delighted to be successful in securing money to put on a variety of work streams to help further understanding of relationships issues in adoption.

The work will feature:

  • Two day training to 40 Senior adoption social workers in partnership with CoramBAAF, the adoption sector’s major expert body
  • Training to 150 front line practitioners
  • Delivering training to 20 Parents and Partners group workers, helping them to understand the special professional techniques in working in future settings
  • Couple Therapy to 30 couples to help support their relationship as they adapt to their challenges of having a newer family dynamic

Tavistock Relationships has just completed successful delivery of a previous grant supported service, Adopting Together, which also included training for professionals, both  face to face and in the form of a practice guide and therapeutic help for couples with adoptive children.

CEO of Tavistock Relationships, Andrew Balfour said:

 "The parental couple relationship has long been a neglected dimension in the adoption field – and yet therapeutic help for adoptive parents has the potential to support not just the parental couple but the stability of the adoptive family, help prevent adoption breakdown and most importantly, to enhance children’s well-being and development.  Our first innovation programme offering therapeutic help for adoptive couples, which we undertook with Department for Education funding , found significant improvements in psychological wellbeing for parents who also reported significant improvements in the quality of their relationship – and crucially, these changes went alongside significant improvements in their children’s outcomes.  We are delighted that this new grant award from the Department for Education will allow us to develop this exciting work, once more collaborating with CoramBAAF, and contribute further to building the evidence base for the crucial importance of the parental couple relationship in the support of adoptive families."