Parents as Partners Programme
Awarded the Highest Rating of all Interventions

The Effectiveness of Couple Therapy
Our study shows improvments in relationships and mental health


An economic evaluation of one of Tavistock Relationships’ free programmes, Parents as Partners (a group-based approach to strengthening couple relationships, with a focus on encouraging parents’ involvement with family life), undertaken by volunteer economist with Pro Bono Economics Dr. Allan Little, was showcased at a major event in London.

Dr Little’s report , published in the summer, estimates a social return on investment of around £3.50 for every £1 spent (as a central assumption), or as much as £7 per £1 spent under a best case scenario, across three programme outcomes (reduced levels of clinical depression, improved child conduct and behaviour and reduced risk of domestic violence).

Crucially, the social return could well be higher if other beneficial impacts of the programme could be valued in monetary terms (such as improved relationship quality, reductions in parenting stress and the reduced risk of child abuse and neglect).

The event, which was attended by over 200 economists and representatives from the social care sector, at Woolgate Exchange, also heard the Programme Lead , Lucy Draper, of Tavistock Relationships talk about the value of the work to the participants.

Volunteer economist Dr. Allan Little said:

“My experience as a volunteer has been unique, challenging and enormously enjoyable. I highly recommend volunteering with Pro Bono Economics. I hope this report will provide new insights into the value of couple relationships from an economic perspective, making a useful contribution to the development of the Parents as Partners programme.”

The full report can be read on the Pro Bono Economics website here.