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CEO quoted on how therapy can help and the effect of couple conflict on children

Tavistock Relationships was a major contributor to a double-page feature in the Daily Mail newspaper, looking at marriage counselling and couple psychotherapy.

The article, entitled the ‘Divorce Backlash’ tells the story of younger couples who, understanding from a personal perspective the effects divorce has on the couple and wider family, especially children, are resolving to try much harder to stay together and work on their marriage.

CEO Andrew Balfour is featured in it, talking about how younger couples are increasingly coming to Tavistock Relationships for specialist counselling and psychotherapy. Our statistic that 50 per cent of couples who have undergone counselling together have recovered by the end of the therapy is highlighted, as is the growth in younger clients who come to us.

Dr Balfour then talks about the reason why it is so important for couples to work on their differences, notably for their own families’ sake.

“The more we understand about the impact on children’s development of parental conflict — it affects their mental health and can lead to anxiety, depression, aggression and reduced academic attainment — the more we realise how important it is to attempt to resolve it.”

The article is another recognition of the growing public attention being paid to the evidence about how couple relationships matter to the welfare and development of young people as well as the individuals in the partnerships themselves..

This topic has been discussed in Parliament in recent times. The most prominent thinking on this comes  from the EIF review - i.e. Harold et al., 2016, What works to enhance inter-parental relationships and improve outcomes for children, which provides tangible evidence and is putting the spotlight on the importance of focussing on the quality of the couple’s

It is also a testimony to the effectiveness of couple therapy, which our own, professionally-recognised study proves. 

You can read the full Daily Mail piece here.