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Tavistock Relationships’ staff visit Europe & China to talk about and teach relationship skills and psychotherapy.

The last few weeks have seen a number of important activities by our faculty members, touring three key international events, seeking and participating in professional exchanges designed to raise the awareness of couple therapy methods and techniques.

Firstly Mary Morgan, Catriona Wrottesley, Damian McCann and Julie Humphries were present at the Second International Congress on Couple and Family Psychoanalysis, presented by The Family and Couple Psychoanalysis Committee of the IPA and the Madrid Psychoanalytic Association in Madrid. The theme was ‘Interpretation' and our Senior Reader Mary Morgan was a main speaker at the event which is a major European meeting, also supported by the IACFP and the FEPAL.

Following directly on from that Mary Morgan and Trustee Stanley Ruszczynski, were key speakers at the Warsaw Psychoanalytic Conference. The event saw over 300 professionals attend to listen to Mary talk about ‘Transference and Counter Transference in Couples therapy’ and Stanley Ruszczynski, on the topic of ‘Why are we together: understanding unconscious partner choice’. The event was particularly significant as the attendance of Polish therapists, analysts and counsellors doubled from the previous year, as this new field of ‘couple analysis’ is really gaining momentum in Poland. The conference was organised and has developed out work with the Bemowo and Wawer Clinics beginning in 2013 with Stan, and with Mary since 2015.

Mary Morgan moved on to China where she joined David Scharff and Jill Savege Scharff to teach for 6 days on the IPI’s Fourth Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy Continuous Training Programme in Beijing.

The regular demand for discussion and teaching on couple techniques shows the vibrant nature of professional interest in psychoanalytic thinking on the couple and we are grateful to be able to share our expertise and learn from others around the globe.