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Couples on the Couch Book cover

Key US Psychoanalytic lectures from Tavistock Relationship staff compiled to help trainees, couple psychotherapists, counsellors, marriage and family therapists

The thoughts and work of a range of Tavistock Relationships’ most renowned couple therapists have been collected in a new book ‘Couples on the Couch’, published by Routledge.

The book features a range of papers from the original text of lectures given over a period of years in America by a succession of Tavistock Relationships’ leading experts, including; Stanley Ruszcynski. Mary Morgan,  Francis Grier, Christopher Clulow and Andrew Balfour.  Beside each piece is a response by an American expert in the field.

Containing landmark pieces of thinking on couple relationships including topics such as attachment theory, unconscious beliefs and the relational psychoanalytic focus, the work provides a clear guide to the Tavistock model, perfected over the course of 70 years from the initial founding of the the organsiation as a leader in psychoanalytic thinking and practice, to the present time at Tavistock Relationships.

Former Tavistock Relationships CEO Susanna Abse, said:

“[the book] represents a true marriage of ideas. UK and US therapists have a transatlantic conversation which brings to life and illuminates the theoretical and technical model developed by Tavistock Relationships.”

Couples on the Couch will be of great interest to couple therapists as well as students of psychology, family therapy and a variety of psychoanalytic training programmes. It can be purchased here.