Parents as Partners Programme
Awarded the Highest Rating of all Interventions

The Effectiveness of Couple Therapy
Our study shows improvments in relationships and mental health


Parenting programme helped change couple’s relationship with each other and children

Our evidence based parenting and relationship programme, Parents as Partners, has been featured in the Hartlepool Mail, in the form of the story of a couple who attended a group, with heart warming results.

The couple said they “share everything now and we communicate,” as a result of attending the group based parenting and relationship support programme. Parents and Partners is available in Hartlepool by virtue of a collaboration between Charity Changing Futures North East, the Borough Council and others. The programme was initiated by Tavistock Relationships, who provided training to the group leaders and also deliver ongoing supervision.

You can read the story here.

Parents as Partners has been recognised by the Early Intervention Foundation, achieving the highest rating of all programmes on improving couple and interparental outcomes