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Role of Social Media in Sexual Anxiety within Couples Analysed by Our Expert in Response to New Research

Marian O'Connor of Tavistock Relaitonships has been cited by leading 'tech' website Alphr, along with other third sector organisations and academics.

The piece cites recent research by charity Plan International, focussing on young girls, noting how use of smartphones, tablets and pcs' made them feel. It also mentions work by UCL and the Anna Freud Centre that found that the emotional problems of girls aged 11-13 in England increased by 55% between 2009 and 2014. The article goes on to focus on the pressures on the couple cased by high use of communications technology.

O'Connor explains that the patterns brought on by new technology can create anxiety in relationships, meaning partners can become disconnected even when they’re sitting besides each other.

The piece concludes that awrenss of this issue is rising, with new articles apeairng advocating, social media 'breaks' in order to 'cleanse' the mind.

You can read the full article here.