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Project via partnership with relationship support sector and research bodies provides articles, signposted help for the public and practitioners

Visitors to the Tavistock Relationships website will benefit from an entire new section of content, which provides information and articles about the issues surrounding online infidelity.

The pages, which offer more than 20 articles from a variety of perspectives, have been developed through EU funding, and are the result of joint working between Open University, Oxford University and relationship support agencies, Tavistock Relationships, Relate, Marriage Care, Coupe Works, Asian Family Counselling, and One Plus One .

Both members of the public affected or worried about the impact of online activity on their relationship, or practitioners looking for specialist advice on the topic, can find material to help them and links to organisations who can provide further support.

A formal launch will take place in September 2017, but in the meantime the content can be viewed here.