Parents as Partners Programme
Awarded the Highest Rating of all Interventions

The Effectiveness of Couple Therapy
Our study shows improvments in relationships and mental health


Parents as Partners makes Children & Young People Now Awards 2017

shortlist for Family Support 

Tavistock Relationships’ programme of work delivering help for couples with relationship and parenting challenges has been recognised through a nomination from the panel of a major annual awards in the children and families arena.

The Parents as Partners Programme, an intervention for couples and co-parents of young children (based on the work of Professors Phil and Carolyn Cowan from the University of California) is designed to improve relationships between parents and to increase children’s well‐being and success, using a unique group counselling approach. It looks at relationships across the family, not just at parenting skills, as parents’ relationship together, parent-child relationships and family patterns across generations are all considered.

The programme has a track record of successful delivery for a number of years now abd provides free help (funded by the Department for Work & Pensions) for couples facing difficulties with their relationship and family life through 16 group work sessions. High percentages of participants show improvement in a number of areas in their relationships, including communication and reduction in violent problem solving. 

Others competing (in the section) for the award; which is organised by the publication Children & Young People Now; include University of Sheffield, Barnardo’s and NSPCC. The winner will be announced at a gala awards ceremony on the evening of 22nd November at the Lancaster Hotel, London.