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Former CEO of Tavistock Relationships earns leadership plaudits from her peers

The organisation is pleased to announce that, at PPNOW (the annual conference of the British Psychoanalytic Council), one of our most renowned figures received an honour.

Susanna Abse, former Chief Executive Officer of Tavistock Relationships and currently Consultant Visiting Lecturer here, received the award for "Outstanding Leadership". This was in recognition of her work, notably outstanding contributions to couple and family mental health.  

The award was presented by Professor Brett Kahr, who is also a Fellow at Tavistock Relationships. In his speech commending Susanna, Professor Kahr cited the important and varied work undertaken at Tavistock Relationships during Susanna's tenure, such as projects on dementia and parenting.

Chief Executive of the BPC, Gary Fereday tweeted: “Well deserved Susanna - a decade as CEO of Tavistock Relationships.”

Also at the event, Susie Orbach was presented with the first ever "Lifetime Achievement Award", presented by the Chair of the British Psychoanalytic Council, Helen Morgan, for her work in the field of mental health.

Both received a special inscribed statuette in recognition of their achievements, followed by warm applause from a large audience of psychoanalytical colleagues.