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Leading couple therapy charity announces programme of activities to celebrate seven decades of supporting couples and families

In the same year that the NHS was created, the Family Discussion Bureau (as Tavistock Relationships was initially called) was formed by social workers from the Family Welfare Association (now Family Action) and psychoanalysts at The Tavistock Clinic who shared an ambition to study and address the dynamics of family life.  

Fast forward 70 years and ‘Tavistock Relationships’ continues to offer innovative and radical psychoanalytically-informed approaches to dealing with the difficulties couples and families face. The organisation will be running a number events over the year, including the creative arts, public lectures and will be hosting a large 70th Anniversary Conference in November.

CEO Andrew Balfour said:

“Tavistock Relationships came into being at a time when the idea that mental health and relationships were linked was in its infancy. And yet the insights of our forebears opened up a whole range of practice and research avenues that have made couple therapy an increasingly recognised means of alleviating emotional distress in both adults and children affected by parental conflict.  We are proud to be celebrating 70 years of our work, and hope that our programme of activity throughout the year will allow many more people to appreciate the increasing value of our work to the well-being of individuals, couples, children and society as a whole.”