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New title features content from organisations psychodynamic and pscyhoanalytic training and clinical staff, past and present  

Aleksandra Novakovic and Marguerite Reid’s book Couple Stories: Application of Psychoanalytic Ideas in Thinking About Couple Interaction, is being officially ‘launched’ at an event at Tavistock Relationships. 

This book presents the application of key psychoanalytic concepts in thinking about the dynamics in the couple relationship. The contributions to the first part, mainly theory, discuss how different psychoanalytic ideas can be used in conceptualizing the nature of couple interaction. In the second part, on clinical practice, four couples tell their stories during their clinical sessions.Written with the contributions of many members of Tavistock Relationships’ clinical team, including CEO Andrew Balfour, Couple Stories conveys experience of the couple’s relationships as these occur in the consulting room and there are several commentaries for each ‘couple story’.

The editor Aleksandra Novakovic is a couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist and a psychoanalyst who has worked at Tavistock Relationships. Marguerite Reid is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist who has more recently trained as a Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. She is a Visiting Clinician at Tavistock Relationships.

The book can be ordered here.