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Author Mary Morgan gets enthusuastic reviews for the work.  

A Couple State of Mind, Psychoanalysis of Couples and the Tavistock Relationships Model, the new book by Mary Morgan, our Reader in Couple Psychoanalysis, has been published by Routledge.

The book has been praised by some pre-eminent minds in the psychoanalytic world:

David Scharff. MD, of the International Psychotherapy Institute commented:

"A rare gift, a volume that belongs at the right hand of every practitioner of psychoanalytic couple therapy."

Stanley Ruszczynski said:

"Mary Morgan has authoritatively taken core psychoanalytic concepts and shown how they are used to explore and understand the unconscious foundations of the intimate couple relationship."

The content, after describing the Tavistock Relationships model of couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy (drawing on both historical and contemporary ideas), also references contemporary influences of other psychoanalytic approaches to couples.

The book can be purchased here.