Parents as Partners Programme
Awarded the Highest Rating of all Interventions

The Effectiveness of Couple Therapy
Our study shows improvments in relationships and mental health


Couple psychoanlaytic, psychodyamic and counselling training and clinical approaches explored byTavistock Relationship experts.

Work launched at 70th Anniversary event in London

To celebrate the organisation’s 70th year, a collection of writings about our innovative programmes entitled Engaging Couples: New Directions in Therapeutic work with Families has been published by Routledge. Edited by Andrew Balfour, Christopher Clulow and Kate Thompson, the work is a challenge to the silos in our human services that an ‘atomised’ focus gives rise to. 

Readers can explore new ways of approaching some of the key issues of contemporary family life, including depression, living with long-term conditions, inter-parental conflict and domestic abuse to name but a few.

Reflecting the theme of contemporary society and innovation The cover was produced using an original drawing produced by an art student at Bristol University.

Interested parties can purchase the title here.