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The Effectiveness of Couple Therapy
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Patsy Faure talks about teaching, couples therapy as a career in leading woman's title


The idea of becoming a psychotherapist or counsellor, working with couples is gaining in popularity, evidenced bythe number of students on our Introduction to Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy - an ever popular foundation to a full qualification - growing year on year.

We see demand from all kinds of people for our trainings, frequently from those wanting to change to a more flexible - and often more rewarding - career.

We ere approached by Red Magazine, a popular woman's monthly to find out more about why our area of work is attrractive. In an article entitle 'How I got Here', co course leader Patsy Faure talks about how she used her background in HR and general interest in people to inspire her to train in and then earn a living from couple therapy work and teaching.

She picks out what is so great about couple work:

"...but it’s so rewarding when you meet a couple who can’t communicate with each other, and then, after some work, have honest conversations."

You can read the full piece from Red Magazine here:


Patsy teaches on our Introductory Course, a pathway to our full trainings, you can find out more about it here.