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How Couples Therapy and Training in couple work inspired one former psychologist


The links between clinical psychology and couple therapy have been forged over the years. As just one example, our own CEO Andrew Balfour is a clincal psychologist and BPS (British Psychological Society) Member.

Thats why the BPS magazine were every keen to cover one of our clinicians in a two part feature in their member journal, looking at the link between clincial work couples counselling and pschology.

The piece features the story of one of our former members of staff, Dr Sabah Khan, previously working as a Clinical Psychologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, tracking her from her initial interest in couples and relationships, to completing our introductory course in couples counselling and psychotherapy, through the professional training in psychodynamic and then psychoanalytic modalities. Eventually Dr Khan, like so many of our trainees went on to work for us, both clinically and also in a training capacity, running innovative projects looking at delivery of Couple Therapy for Depression training for the NHS and programmes for retiring couples.

Sabah has gone on to have a rewarding and busy career and said what she enjoyed most about her choice to take couples training and follow through to practice:

"working with a range of clients, the way I like, with real intimacy, and I’m excited in developing couple psychotherapy in neurorehabilitation. All of these changes have helped me to move to a more authentic path and feel happier about my work than at any other time." 

You can read the full piece from the BPS MagazineThe Psychologist here.