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New series of video lectures showcases leading couples psychoanalytic thinking in a fresh format


"We are the products of our relationships, and our ways of relating shape our world.”

(Series 1)

Tavistock Relationships has announced the publication of a new collection of online presentations by experts in the couple therapy field.

Tavistock Relationships’ specially commissioned online lecture series allows the viewer to watch and listen to six authors who have all played a major part in the development of couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

The contributors to the series are: Mary Morgan, Stanley Ruszynski, Warren Colman, Dr David Hewison, Andrew Balfour, and Dr Christopher Clulow. These authors introduce the viewer to some of the key thinking that underpins the Tavistock Relationships psychoanalytic approach to understanding couple interaction and thinking about what enables, as well as what prevents or inhibits couples from living happily together.

Edited by Catriona Wrottesley, the series costs just £95 for all 6 lectures (access for 3 months), a saving £55 on the price of buying all 6 individually (3 months’ access to a single lecture is £25). They can be bought here.

The list of Lectures is here:

Speakers and topics:

· Stanley Ruszczynski - The Psychoanalytic Approach

Couples on the Couch: Working Psychoanalytically with Couples

· Mary Morgan - The ‘Couple Analytic Setting’

The ‘Couple Analytic Setting’ and the Psychic Development of the Couple

· Warren Colman - The Intolerable Other

The Intolerable Other: The Difficulty of Becoming a Couple

· Dr David Hewison - Shared Unconscious Phantasy

Shared Unconscious Phantasy in Couples

· Andrew Balfour - Sharing Psychic Space

The Couple, Their Marriage and Oedipus: or, Problems Come in Twos and Threes

· Dr Christopher Clulow - An Attachment-Informed Perspective

Interpretation in Couple Psychotherapy: An Attachment-Informed Perspective

These lectures will be of interest to psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and other professionals working with families, couples and individuals who want to develop their understanding of unconscious processes in couple interaction.

By purchasing one or more of the titles, the viewer gets instant, unlimited online access wherever they are in the world, for a period of 3 months, as well as a list of recommended further reading and learning support material.

There are FREE preview videos of all six lectures, available to purchase or watch on Tavistock Relationships’ website here.

On the launch of this lecture series, Tavistock Relationships’ CEO Andrew Balfour said:

“We hope that these online presentations will help to open the door to this fascinating area of psychoanalytic thinking about the couple relationship to clinicians and others from around the UK and, indeed, the world.