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news coverage

Tavistock Relationships' work with a number of organisation on the #SortItOut campaign has received coverage in the national press and on prime time television, as well as discussion in Parliament..

The #SortItOut campaign has focused on the impact of parental conflict and how it hurts children even though parents really don’t want to argue. We can change this by helping parents improve their relationships, we know what works, we do what works. Newspaper The Sun has run an appeal, asking for children's experiences of when their parents don't get on. The aim of the campaign is to push for more funded for support for programmes like Building Relationships for Stronger Families.

The issue was discussed by MPs in a Parliament session on the impact of Covid19 on families & children in Parliament. In addition, agony Aunt Deirdre Sanders highlighted, on TV programme, This Morning, the plight of children and families, with live calls, and amplifying the message that more government support is needed.

You can read more about our campaign here.