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picture of conference china & poland

Conferences in Poland and China hear lectures from our clinical and faculty staff.


Tavistock Relationships staff have been involved in major events from around the world.

In China, the Committee on Couple and Family Psychoanalysis of the IPA (International Psychoanalysis Association) organized a major congress with Chinese partner, the Beijing Zhi-Dao-Zhong-He Medical Institute, involving the Chinese analytic community, and most specifically involving Dr. Qiu Jianyin as Conference Co-President two women amongst are the most respected and senior graduates of the IPA’s training in China.

The event was co-sponsored by Tavistock Relationships, the International Psychotherapy Institute, the International Association of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis, and The China-America Psychoanalytic Alliance, each of which were represented in the presentations.

More than 600 participants in the Congress. They heard pre-recorded English-language presentations done by COFAP members, other IPA members and senior analytic psychotherapy colleagues, the International Psychotherapy Institute (now an APsaA institute) and by Rosa Jaitin, the president of the International Association for Couple and Family Psychoanalysis (a frequent collaborator of COFAP). 

From Tavistock Relationships, Mary Morgan, Damian McCann and Chris Clulow presented major lectures on couples and families.

Chinese partners were effusive in their expressions concerning the quality of the contributions which they felt were of the highest quality, unusual in congresses there. Yang Yunping said at the end of the Closing Ceremony, “I think this was not so much a Closing as it was a Beginning.”

Meanwhile, in Poland the major Polish Psychoanalytic Conference, focussed on the theme of Working Psychoanalytically with Couples, Between the Pair and Family.

In his lecture, on 'The world in between', from the point of view of two different psychoanalytic theories. Andrew Balfour, CEO of Tavistock Relationships, represented the UK's facility relations school and gave a major lecture about splitting up at the level of the service offering, which is offered separately to children and adults and again separately to parents and partners.

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