Parents as Partners Programme
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The Effectiveness of Couple Therapy
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Leading Child practitioner titles publish in depth features on TCCR’s pioneering programme

Parents as Partners, a therapeutic group intervention for couples and co-parents has been featured in two key publications.

The Association of Child Psychologists newsletter, ACP Bulletin and Children & Young People Now, both featured in depth articles about the service. Children and Young People Now chose to feature it in the 'Good Practice' section with a detailed review of the impact of the intervention on the couples and the positive effect on them and their parenting.

The ACP Bulletin presented an interview with James Ganpatsingh of TCCR, from the project, focussing on the experiences of the team with the groups and how they tackle the challenge of ‘holding the child in mind’ in their work.

You can read the ACP Bulletin article here

A preview of the Children & Young People Now article can be read here (subscription required for the full article)