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TCCR publishes briefing on "Working relationally with couples where there is situational violence"

TCCR’s policy briefing explores the evidence base underpinning this approach to situational couple violence.

As a leading provider of therapeutic approaches to couple distress, and an innovator in the field, TCCR has recently begun delivering a therapeutic intervention to a small number of carefully selected and assessed couples in Harrow where there is actual or suspected violence in their relationship.

The briefing, Working relationally with couples where there is situational violence, argues that it is in the interests of those affected that we refine our understanding of interpersonal violence, especially in light of growing recognition that intimate terrorism (violent coercive control) and situational couple violence (situationally-provoked violence) can be distinguished, and may need to be addressed in different ways.

Of paramount importance when working with couples where this is actual or suspected violence is the assessment of risk; and TCCR does by no means believe that all violent couples can safely be worked with in a couple therapeutic setting.

However, research – which is set out in this briefing – is beginning to evidence that couple therapy can be appropriate and helpful for addressing particular kinds of interpersonal violence in couple relationships. Such approaches, including our work in Harrow, can offer a couple an opportunity to work together on their difficulties, with the aim of helping them establish better ways of managing relational stressors and interpersonal problems.