CEO Andrew Balfour talks about the challenges of winter and the new year, which can be a difficult time for relationships, especially in times like Covid ones.

Tavistock Relationships, the internationally renowned charity specialising in helping couples with their relationship difficulties, is expecting to see a significant rise in couples and individuals seeking relationship support in the New Year.

Andrew Balfour, CEO of Tavistock Relationships, explains:

“Relationships are hard to do at the best of times, and with so many families already under so much strain as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, plus the extra stress of the festive season, many couple relationships are being sorely tested.

“The relentless public bombardment of images created by advertising agencies selling their products and lifestyle choices, the seemingly endless run-up to the festive season when every moment appears to be filled with picture-perfect families sharing fairy tale meals – all in often painful contrast with our everyday lived experience, especially this year.

“We usually see a rise in people coming to us for help after Christmas – often in a sad and worried state, anxious and confused about they feel about their partner and their relationship.

“They often tell us that things have become strained and quite unbearable and they fear that if things go on as they are, either their relationship or their own emotional or physical health might break down.”

With a clear mission to make relationship support accessible to all, Tavistock Relationships is a charitable organisation offering therapy for couples facing a variety of issues. Currently all therapy is being delivered online, with 95 per cent of Tavistock Relationships clients expressing satisfaction in relation to their therapeutic contact; a very similar level to previous years, when face-to-face delivery was the norm.

Andrew explains: “Since we introduced online therapy in 2016, the uptake has increased steadily. But this year has seen a step change, with all our services moving online in March. In some ways it has made our support more accessible, as for example it’s often easier for separated or separating couples to be in the same virtual room.”

Tavistock Relationships has over 120 highly-trained therapists providing a psychotherapeutic approach to resolving relationship challenges, and delivering more than 21,000 counselling sessions each year.

This dynamic approach is designed to help couples understand their underlying issues in order to resolve the difficulties they are experiencing and find an agreed way forward.

Andrew Balfour, CEO of Tavistock Relationships, is keen to encourage couples to come forward before things reach crisis point:

“It’s never too soon to seek support and our therapists usually find that people feel greatly relieved and happier having had a chance to talk through things that may have been bothering them for some time.

“Problems with relationships can be complicated and sometimes they stem from childhood challenges as well as current concerns. Our relationship therapy can be helpful in this situation for both individuals and couples, as it looks at what lies behind current difficulties, paying attention both to the past and the present in order to bring about change.”

As well as being highly qualified, Tavistock Relationships’ therapists are carefully matched to each couple or individual. In some cases two therapists may be partnered with a couple to maximize the chance of a positive resolution, whether that is reducing conflict and improving relationship quality so couples can stay together, or managing a difficult separation.

Fees are charged on a sliding scale so that anyone can access Tavistock’s services, whatever their financial circumstances.

Tavistock Relationships urges people to book an initial consultation with one of its therapists to find out if couple therapy can help their relationship, by going to or calling 020 7380 1960.


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Notes to Editors

Established in 1948, Tavistock Relationships is a registered charity internationally renowned for delivering and developing advanced practice, training and research in therapeutic and psycho-educational approaches to supporting couples. @TaviRelations