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The Effectiveness of Couple Therapy
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Latest news and upcoming events at the Tavistock Relationships

Mary Morgan in Madrid

Tavistock Relationships’ staff visit Europe & China to talk about and teach relationship skills and psychotherapy.

The last few weeks have seen a number of important activities by our faculty members, touring three key international events, seeking and participating in professional exchanges designed to raise the awareness of couple therapy methods and techniques.

Children and Family joined together

Our plans for helping couple relationships and parenting with new training

A blog by Richard Meier

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In her January speech on mental health, the Prime Minister announced that the Government would be providing mental health first aid training to all secondary schools, with a commitment to train at least one teacher in every secondary school in mental health first aid by 2019.

Cowans, Parents as Partners

The Cowans Blog: Success of Parenting & Relationship Support

(Part 2 of 2) The development of Parents as Partners in the U.K. has been fascinating for us to witness. We’ve found that in both the U.K. and the U.S., parenting programmes are typically attended by mothers, with little attention paid to fathers or the relationship between the parents.

How Parents as Partners is helping couples communicate and benefitting their children 

Cowans November 2015 web

(Part 1 of 2) Professors Philip and Carolyn Cowan reflect on their upcoming visit to England, where they will meet with the staff of Tavistock Relationships, family service providers from around the U.K., and those responsible for family policy in the government and local authorities.

Tavistock Relationships Window

Here in glorious technicolour is our new window display, promoting our Clinical and Training Services to the population of London.

The Tavistock Relationships logo and creative look were redesigned to allow us to create some more contemporary images to promote our services. This display is one of the first uses of the fresh approach.  In the photo some of the staff of Warren Street centre stand by the poster. 

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