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CEO Andrew Balfour accepted award for delivery of a progrmame working with couples and long term illness conditions.

Our Living Together with Dementia team proudly accepting the British Psychoanalytic Council's prestigious Award for Innovative Excellence at the Psychonalytic Psychotherapy Now 2019 event.

CEO Andrew Balfour said

"In our focus on everyday things our efforts have been to create the conditons for emotional contact betwen people, to try to give people a vantage point from which to understand each other. We thank the BPC for considering this work as a psychoanlytic intervention worth recognising"  


Marian O’Connor, Head of Training Psychosexual Therapy at Tavistock Relationships, reflects on the work the internationally renowned charity is doing to prepare therapists for changes in 21st century relationships, this piece has been covered in a number of media outlets.

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As a psychosexual and relationship therapist with over 30 years of experience, over the years I have seen hundreds couples and individuals presenting with a variety of problems associated with sexual intimacy.

Three decades on, I see that sex is still a very difficult topic for couples to discuss and it’s also a topic therapists find it hard to discuss with their clients, unless they have had specialised training.

The couple relationship has always been complicated, with each individual bringing to the table a myriad of conscious and unconscious hopes and desires. In the 21st century changes affecting gender roles and sexual identity, a greater willingness to talk about emotions and problems, the influence of social media, the availability of sexual content on the internet, the rise of polyamory and open relationships has meant that people are grappling with ever more questions about what it means to be in a ‘good enough’ relationship, or to have a ‘good enough sex’.

At Tavistock Relationships we have seen a continual increase in the numbers of people seeking couple therapy. Last year we held 20,734 therapy sessions, including over 1,000 via our online service. 

Our relationship counselling, psychosexual therapy (which is different from the work of a sex therapist) and support services are open to everyone, whatever their sexuality, gender or relationship status.

The psychosexual courses we offer at Tavistock Relationships, whether as an accredited Professional Training (our two-year long Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy), or as a Certificate in Psychosexual Studies (our eight session Certificate course), is backed up by our continued research and innovation to create cutting edge interventions that remain relevant to changing relationships in the 21st Century.

Established in 1948, Tavistock Relationships is a centre of advanced practice and study into relationships and their importance for family and social stability.

Following evaluation, interventions which are found to be effective and help to advance thought and practice through learning, are shared by Tavistock Relationships for the public benefit and via our training programmes for other professionals working with couples and families.

These interventions, which address the needs of distressed relationships, mean our practitioners receive the best grounding to help people having problems in their relationships. 

If you are considering adding the skills to work with sexual issues more thoroughly with clients, out psychosexual trainings (COSRT approved) are recruiting. Or you  may be wanting to start a new career as a sex therapist with a psychosexual approach, find out more here.


Sex therapist giving lecture

An extract released from our book, Engaging Couples, talking about our approach to couples therapy

by Andrew Balfour and Mary Morgan

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You can read here an exclusive excerpt from our 70th Anniversary book Engaging Couples: New Directions in Therapeutic work with Families that lays out how we approach the technique of helping couples with our therapy.

Sex therapist giving lecture

Why psychosexual training courses are becoming increasingly popular

A blog by Marian O'Connor

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Last week I was interviewed by a student journalist whom I will call Amani.  She and her fellow students had been assigned a project on ‘The most interesting jobs’ and my job as a sex therapist, along with rocket scientist, brain surgeon and hand model,  was on the list.


Career Matters magazine interviews one of our couple counsellors

Each January the leading jobs magazine Career Matters publishes a series of pieces examining, from point of view of a professional, what their work is like and how they qualified.

In this months issue, there is a full interview with our couple therapist David Smith (name changed for anonymity). David talks about his study with Tavistock Relationships and his work here.

Also, it explores the potential earnings of Couple Therapists in London today, which can reach as high as £200 per session. There is also a brief history of couple therapy practice and training in the UK.

You can read it by clicking on the icon below:


 Career matters

You can read about our trainings and course options here.

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