Relationships Alliance

Tavistock Relationships is one of the four core members of The Relationships Alliance. This corsortium, whose other core members are RelateMarriage Care and One Plus One, exists to ensure that good quality personal and social relationships are more widely acknowledged as central to our health and wellbeing.

Good-quality couple and family relationships, as a wealth of evidence demonstrates (please see the ‘Supporting Evidence’ counterpart to this document), play a vital role in determining the health and wellbeing of adults and improving outcomes for children. Research shows that adults in poor-quality and distressed relationships are much more like to suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health problems, and from poor physical health. There is also clear evidence that poor-quality parental relationships and inter-parental conflict in particular have a negative impact on children’s mental health and long-term life chances across many areas.

Couple, family and social relationships are increasingly taking centre stage in public policy. The role and experiences of families are likely to play a significant part in the policy debate in the run up to the 2015 General Election – especially the situation among families facing the combined pressures of stagnant wages and increases in housing, energy and food costs as a result of the recent global recession.

This manifesto, the first of its kind from the Relationships Alliance, sets out a range of policy ideas to take public policy about relationships from the margins to the mainstream. We will only create the necessary conditions for relationships to thrive if they are put at the heart of public policy and here we outline twelve policy ideas to enable this to happen.

The Alliance's manifesto, presented at the House of Commons in November 2014, outlines 12 recommendations to UK policy-makers on how to improve the nation's relationships: click here