Oedipus_and_the_coupleThe Tavistock Clinic Series

Edited by: Francis Grier

The latest title in the Tavistock Clinic Series consists of a diverse series of contributions and reflections on couples and the Oedipus complex, from leading psychotherapists and psychoanalysts in the couples field. All contributors base their theories on a contemporary Kleinian/object-relations psychoanalytic viewpoint and this helps the reader feel that there is a basic unity to facilitate meaningful links between the ideas and themes in different chapters.


The contributions to this volume are sufficiently diverse for each to stimulate reflections and responses from the reader in the particular area upon which the author has chosen to focus, whilst at the same time sharing a base of contemporary Kleinian/object-relations theory and a focus on the Oedipus situation. The chapters have been organised into three sections. The first three chapters are primarily theoretical. The second section comprises chapters that make use of artistic and cultural themes from the worlds of literature and film to explore Oedipal couple issues. The final section consists of chapters that are specifically clinical in their focus. The manifest focus in most chapters is on the couple, but there are variations on this theme. Part of the Tavistock Clinic Series.

The chapters have been organised into three sections. Whilst united in their focus on the Oedipal situation, the individual styles and "voices" of the authors are very varied.


Series Editor's Preface: Margot Waddell

Introduction: Francis Grier

Chapter 1: On being able to be a couple: the importance of a "creative couple" in psychic life - Mary Morgan

Chapter 2: Reflective space in the intimate couple relationship: the "marital triangle" - Stanley Ruszczynski

Chapter 3: The couple, their marriage, and Oedipus: or, problems come in twos and threes - Andrew Balfour

Chapter 4: Coming into one's own: the oedipus complex and the couple in late adolescence - Margot Waddell

Chapter 5: Shadows of the parental couple: oedipal themes in Bergman's Fanny and Alexander - Viveka Nyberg

Chapter 6: "It seemed to have to do with something else..." Henry James' What Maise Knew and Bion's theory of thinking - Sasha Brookes

Chapter 7: The painful truth - Monica Lanman

Chapter 8: The oedipus complex as observed in work with couples and their children - Lisa Miller

Chapter 9: Oedipus gets married: an investigation of a couple's shared oedipal drama - Joanna Rosenthall

Chapter 10: No Sex couples, catastrophic change, and the primal scene - Francis Grier


Editor : Francis Grier

Publisher : Karnac Books

Published : 2004

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