Some Analytic Perspectives

Edited by: Francis GrierBrief_Encounters

This book draws on different perspectives and working contexts within the psychoanalytic field to explore various aspects of brief work with couples. Contributions discuss technical issues encountered in initial consultations, cases where there has been the death of a child, brief work with parents with under-fives, treating psycho-sexual problems, providing expert opinion for the courts, brief marital psychotherapy and giving advice to parents who are contesting contact arrangements.


Deriving from a conference organised by the Tavistock Marital Studies Institute, this volume draws the main focus of its inquiry from a few fundamental questions. In its various brief encounters, and in disparate contexts, how effective can a psychoanalytic approach be when it addresses the parental/child or adult couple relationship? What specific quality of contact can be achieved in the relationship between client(s) and therapist in shorter-term work?

This compilation of essays, written by experienced practitioners, engages directly and positively these, and other questions, demonstrating with clinical material the efficacious contribution of a psychoanalytic psychotherapy. In both the similarity and variety of responses to the complex issues explored the authors display a creative engagement and theoretical understanding that will be of great interest and stimulus to all professionals working in this field.


Foreword: Stanley Ruszczynski

Chapter 1: First Contacts: the therapist's "couple state of mind" as a factor in the containment of couples seen for consultation - Mary Morgan

Chapter 2: Thoughts about the couple relationship following the death of a child - Lynne Cudmore & Dorothy Judd

Chapter 3: Brief encounters: work with parents and infants in an under-fives' counselling service - Lisa Miller

Chapter 4: Brief work with parents of infants - Isca Wittenberg

Chapter 5: Giving advice during consultations: unconscious enactment or thoughtful containment? - Christopher Vincent

Chapter 6: Emotional contact and containment in psychosexual medicine - Ruth Skrine

Chapter 7: A psychoanalytic approach to brief marital psychotherapy - Monica Lanman & Francis Grier

Chapter 8: The court, the couple, and the consultant: is there room for a third position? - Judith Freeman


Author : Francis Grier

Publisher : Karnac Books

Published : 2001

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