Foundations of Theory and Practice

Edited by David E. Scharff and Jill Savege Scharff

Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy Foundations of Theory and PracticeThis exciting new book from Tavistock Relationships and the International Psychotherapy Institute in Washington is a comprehensive statement about psychoanalytic work with couples from an international perspective. Drawing on collaborative video seminars between the two organisations, it outlines current theoretical debates and contemporary clinical practice. Tavistock Relationships senior staff Mary Morgan, Dr David Hewison, Pierre Cachia, Dr  McCann, Christopher Vincent, Susanna Abse and Dr Christopher Clulow all contribute chapters.  



In this time of vulnerable marriages and partnerships, many couples seek help for their relationships. Psychoanalytic couple therapy is a growing application of psychoanalysis for which training is not usually offered in most psychoanalytic and analytic psychotherapy programs. This book is both an advanced text for therapists and a primer for new students of couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Its twenty-eight chapters cover the major ideas underlying the application of psychoanalysis to couple therapy, many clinical illustrations of cases and problems in various dimensions of the work. The international group of authors comes from the International Psychotherapy Institute based in Washington, DC, and the Tavistock Relationships in London. The result is a richly international perspective that nonetheless has theoretical and clinical coherence because of the shared vision of the authors.

Editor : Jill Savege Scharff

Publisher : Karnac Books

Published : 2014

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