ESSM Educational Committee

Edited by P.S. Kirana, F. Tripodi, Y. Reisman, H. Porst

Tavistock Relationships is excited to announce the publication of the new, European-wide Syllabus of Clinical Sexology, in which Tavistock Relationships' Marian O'Connor and Janice Hiller have contributed a chapter on Psychodynamic Aspects of Psychosexual Therapy.

The book, which is published by the European Society for Sexual Medicine and European Federation of Sexology, is a comprehensive textbook on how to treat sexual dysfunctions. 


In their chapter, Marian and Janice discuss how psychoanalytical thinking, sometimes combined with behavioural and cognitive work, can inform work with couples and individuals who present with psychosexual problems.

Other topics include:

  • Sociocultural Aspects of Human Sexuality,
  • Biopsychological Aspects of Sexual Development and Sexual Response,
  • Assessment of Sexual Dysfunctions,
  • Therapeutic Methods of Sexologists,
  • Male Sexual Dysfunctions,
  • Medical Conditions and Sexual Function,
  • Other Disorders Related to Sexuality and Fertility and Contraception and Childbirth.

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