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Latest NEWS - May 2018

Tavistock Relationships is pleased to announce a new publishing arrangement with Phoenix Publishing House to build on the success of Karnac, the first publishers of the journal. We will continue the high standards, range of interests, and quality of the journal under the editorship of Molly Ludlam and the editorial board.”

We intend to maintain the high standards set by the British Society of Couple Psychotherapists and Counsellors, under the Editorship of Molly Ludlam who continues in post. The journal’s brief is to promote the theory and practice of working with couple and family relationships from a psychoanalytic perspective. It seeks to provide a forum for disseminating current ideas and research and for developing clinical practice.

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Reasons to subscribe to Couple and Family Psychoanalysis:

  • An established journal, listed by PEP, bringing together the interests of all professionals who draw on psychoanalytic perspectives in their work with
    couples and families.
  • An international journal presenting ideas and experiences of clinical practitioners from around the world.
  • An innovative journal, critically reviewing and discussing developments in practice, research, and literature, together with lively and topical book and
    arts reviews.
  • A journal to enhance professional practice with authoritative articles from established as well as new authors in twice yearly issues. First time authors
    are especially encouraged with advice on preparing papers for publication.
  • A welcoming journal offering a forum for those seeking closer connection with others in their field.

Information for contributors can be found here.

Contents for Summer 2018 Edition


Molly Ludlam

Personal View

Andrew Balfour  


“Suddenly the Window Opened and I Saw . . .” Twenty-second Enid Balint
Memorial Lecture 2017
Ignês Sodré  

Response to “Suddenly the Window
Opened and I Saw
. . .” by Ignês Sodré
Krisztina Glausius  

A Partnership of Two Therapeutic Models:
The Development of Mentalization Based Treatment—Couple Therapy (MBT–CT)
Within A Psychoanalytic Framework
Viveka Nyberg and Leezah Hertzmann

On Increasing Session Frequency in
Psychoanalytic Couple Psychotherapy:
Some Clinical Considerations
Amita Sehgal

Conception “In Vitro”: A Composite
Framework in Psychotherapy with a Couple
Hana Salaam Abdel-Malek  

Letter to the Editor


Damian McCann

Occasional Review

Psychodynamic therapy: as efficacious as other empirically supported treatments? A meta-analysis testing equivalence of outcomes
by C. Steinert, T. Munder, S. Rabung, J. Hoyer, & F. Leichsenring

Reviewed by David Hewison

Book Reviews

Family And Couple Psychoanalysis:
A Global Perspective
edited by David Scharff & Elizabeth Palacios
Reviewed by Sanna Aavaluoma

Handbook of Attachment. Theory, Research,
and Clinical Applications
edited by Jude Cassidy and Phillip R. Shaver
Reviewed by Christopher Clulow  

Couples on the Couch: Psychoanalytic Couple
Therapy and the Tavistock Model,
by S. Nathans and M. Schaefer
Reviewed by Catriona Wrottesley

Arts Reviews

Disturbing the Peace

directed by Stephen Apkon and Andrew Young Reviewed by Perrine Moran

The Ferryman

by Jez Butterworth
Reviewed by Stella Vaines


Summary of Couple and Family Presentations: International Psychoanalytical Association
50th Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina 25–29 July 2017 by Shelley Nathans


Nina Cohen 1934–2017
An appreciation by Christopher Clulow

Notes on Contributors

Forthcoming Events

Instructions to Contributors