cover of Journal of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis

Tavistock Relationships has a publishing arrangement with Phoenix Publishing House to produce the journal Couple and Family Psychoanalysis. The publication offers high standards, range of interests, and quality under the editorship of Molly Ludlam and the editorial board. It has continued to thrive since its previous publication by Karnac for the British Society of Couple Psychotherapists and Counsellors. 

The journal’s brief is to promote the theory and practice of working with couple and family relationships from a psychoanalytic perspective. It seeks to provide a forum for disseminating current ideas and research and for developing clinical practice.


For information about subscriptions please visit here.

Reasons to subscribe to Couple and Family Psychoanalysis:

  • An established journal, listed by PEP, bringing together the interests of all professionals who draw on psychoanalytic perspectives in their work with
    couples and families.
  • An international journal presenting ideas and experiences of clinical practitioners from around the world.
  • An innovative journal, critically reviewing and discussing developments in practice, research, and literature, together with lively and topical book and
    arts reviews.
  • A journal to enhance professional practice with authoritative articles from established as well as new authors in twice yearly issues. First time authors
    are especially encouraged with advice on preparing papers for publication.
  • A welcoming journal offering a forum for those seeking closer connection with others in their field.


Download instructions to contributors (from Couple and Family Psychoanalysis) (PDF - 197kB)

Download author declaration form (PDF version - 155kB) or (Word version 17kB)

Download instructions to authors on the preparation of manuscripts (from Phoenix Publishing) (PDF - 357kB)