Tavistock Relationships' couple therapy services are cost-effective, according to this report from nef consulting into the sociol-economic impact of Tavistock Relationships' services. It estimates that they deliver benefits to the State of around £1,900,400 over a five to ten year period. Based on the total cost of delivering the services, this represents a value of nearly four and a half times the initial investment of £415,100 or £4.58 for every £1 invested.

nef consulting (the consultancy arm of think tank new economics foundation) was appointed in November 2011 to prepare a socio-economic assessment for Tavistock Relationships. The assessment focuses on the economic impact of two services offered at Tavistock Relationships: couple psychotherapy and couple counselling services (collectively referred to as couple therapy).

In addition to the figures reported above, the report notes that of the £415,100 investment figure only £134,000 of this figure came directly from Government sources, demonstrating considerable value for money for Government investment (a return of £14.18 for every £1 invested). The source of this impact is predominantly in avoided labour market costs and savings and from a reduction in healthcare service usage. Potential savings to the criminal justice system have also been identified, as well as future potential impact on children of couples and their life chances.

Read the full report here.