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Research Projects


Tavistock Relationships is a centre of advanced practice and study into the couple relationship and its importance for family and social stability and wellbeing. Tavistock Relationships began life in 1948 as a mixed practice and research organisation looking to find effective ways of intervening in marriage or family distress after the Second World War.  It has used a variety of approaches to researching couple relationships and the ways in which workers and the couples they work with affect each other, whether this is in socially-based casework, the intimate privacy of an ongoing psychotherapy, or the ways that agencies and organisations work with and against each other. More recently it has begun to develop and research cutting edge interventions that address the needs of distressed family relationships across the life cycle. 

It is a member of the Tavistock family of organisations and shares with them an interest in the application of psychoanalytic ideas to social and psychological matters. 

Tavistock Relationships is interested in working with research partners to develop and research new interventions and services that address unmet needs in families. 

Find out who to contact if you would like more information about research at Tavistock Relationships or if you would like support in setting up an evaluation of outcomes in your own service.

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