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Supporting Children When Parents Separate In the Age of No Fault Divorce.


Dr Christopher Clulow, a consultant visiting lecturer at Tavistock Relationships, interviews renowned researcher and Family Law Professor Mervyn Murch on his latest publication: Supporting Children When Parents Separate. Embedding a Crisis Intervention Approach within Family Justice, Education and Mental Health Policy.
In each FREE chapter link, Murch discusses his views and research into family proceedings and the systemic models designed to promote the well-being of children affected by the separation of their parents.

The full video is below.

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• Introduction
• Biographical context
• The experience of children affected by parental separation
• The ‘first responder’ role opportunities for schools and their staff
• The need for ‘passage agent’ support for children from those working in family courts
• The challenge of conceptualising family justice as a system
• The problem of collaborating between different professional disciplines
• The case for interdisciplinary studies
• The value of symbols in conveying and encapsulating the search for balance
• Summary and conclusion

This video is ideal for policy makers and those working in education, mental health and family justice systems.

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Couples Therapy is proven to be a massive help for adoptive parents.

Tavistock Relationships has been a long time advocate of recognising the importance of supporting parents who adopt for the benefit of themselves and the children in their new family. We have worked on a number of projects with government, most recently on a project financed by the Adoption Support Fund, offering clincial services helping parents after the process of adopting with their relationship. 

CoramBaaf was a partner in this work, In this briefing of theirs - The Spotlight - written by our project leader, Dr Damian McCann, on Rrcognising the importance of the couple relationship through the adoption process, we document the key findings of our work.

You can read it here:


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How we are working with Schools, preparing for RSE (Relationship and Sex Education in Schools) 2020

From September 2020, relationships and sex education will become statutory in all secondary schools in England.

Relationships education will become statutory in all primary schools in England. In line with government guidance, we recommend that age-appropriate sex education is also taught in all primary schools.

We are in the process of working with fellow realtionship charities, Ofsted and government RSE practitioners to influence practice and so inspire teachers, parents and decision-makers nationwide to support children and young people to develop the relationships skills they need and want for life.

We particpated in a case study, in Highgate School, where we worked with teachers, offering training on recognising the impact of inter-parental conflict on children. You can read it here:





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Our award winning Parents as Partners team, delivering group based therapy to couples focussing on relationships and parenting, have made available a new guide exploring the issues facing separated parents. It is written for the benefit of the co-parents, but clinicians, social workers or others helping families may find it aids them to contemplate feelings of separated clients and children from a professional perspective.

Read it here:

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This brief practitioner resource aimed at front line staff provides valuable advice on working with couples who have adopted children. Recent research has shown that adoptive couples face particular strains in family life which can impact on their own relationship.

010112-a-short-guide-to-working-with-co-parents-iiThe evidence of the impact of parental conflict and relationship difficulties on children is compelling. ‘A short guide to working with co-parents: why we don’t, why we should, and how we could’ is designed to help workers attend to the relationship between parents, and help them to feel better equipped to talk about relationships with the parents with whom they work.

DVD_unemployment“The Impact of Unemployment on Couples and the Family” DVD aims to trigger practitioners to think about the stresses that families face when faced with job loss and unemployment. The DVD has an accompanying handbook that can be used by trainers or by practitioners for self directed learning.

The Co-Parenting Skills Workshop is a brief group intervention for parents who have difficulties in relationship with their child's other parent and the main objective of this work is to support parents to think about the impact of inter-parental conflict on their child and to facilitate interest and thinking about more constructive ways of co-parenting.

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